Home Again (Now It’s Time)

That’s not the problem
She whispered to me
But all I heard was a whistle
In and then out of my ears
And I am still driving
My way through the night
So by sunrise tomorrow
I’ll set sight on your eyes

Now it’s time
That you take me home again

You’re always there when I close my eyes
In the back of my mind, dressed blue as the sky
And you walk towards me with arms outstretched
And I reach, but I seem to fail again
In bringing you home
Just because there was a time
Where you felt that home
Was close to me

Now it’s time
That I am your home again

But we’re both different people, you try and repeat
Through the same old expressions and familiar eyes
And I just can’t for a moment believe
That you believe a word that you say
Because I’ve been there before, trust me I know
What it feels like to be lost and down on your luck
But you’ve a home
Right next to me
And it’s open
Whenever you’re ready

Isn’t it time
That you come home again



2 Responses to “Home Again (Now It’s Time)”

  1. alymc Says:

    “sup foo, wat dis bout, yo?”

  2. Sycophantic Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Sycophantic.

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