Watered Point of View

Sometimes it’s a little bit unexpected
But in the end, it’s just what you need
A helping hand, someone to lead and guide you
And I didn’t see it coming, but I’m glad that you saw me

And why, why don’t I know the reason for these tears
Because somewhere deep inside says they are not tears of joy
But aren’t I happy to be right here with you?

Why does my heart have to know
That someday soon, you will be gone and all I’ll have to do is miss you
But I’ve been told
That we shouldn’t wait until tomorrow
To do what we can today
And I think that maybe I’d like today to last a whole lot longer than I know it will

So I’ll try not to worry about whether or not I’ll see you tomorrow
And I’ll take to being glad that I saw you today
Yes, I’ll be glad

Somewhere between a laugh and a cry
The tears fall down my cheek
Yeah, somewhere between a laugh and cry
The tear fell down my cheek

But just knowing that you care
That’s what puts the tear there
And that’s what puts the smile there

It was just a little bit unexpected
To suddenly see you through a watered point of view



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