Will Leave

And we will leave this place
But in my mind, we stay right here
And we will dream the night away
But in this place, I cannot escape

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel in my mind
But if you are turning around
And walking the other way
You’ll have to forget me
And leave me behind

If all the world was in your hands
Would I trust you or try to take it away
Would I leave you behind or go my own way
And if you will not, will not take my hand
I still will forever remember the face of the one
Who brought me this far
Who brought me out of the dark

And if you will leave
This place behind with me inside
I will stay right here
With you beside me in my mind

And when you leave
When you leave me next time
And when you leave I think that
The lights in my eyes will start to fade away
And to pewter and stone, my heart will turn and you will see

That when we leave this place
It will be wrong, because we can stay right here
And we can dream the night away
And if it works out right, we will not escape


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