The Beginning of the Story (Part One)

There is a man who lost his way
He wrote “I love you” on the street
In hopes of meeting anyone he could meet
And I admit, his intentions were good
But he’s just a bit misunderstood

He’s got nowhere to go
Why else do the things he does
But to find someone to love
If there ever was a poor soul
This man would fit the glove
He just doesn’t know where to go

Some onlookers may look on
And see this as the end
But take another look, my friend
What looks like the end is only part one
This is just the beginning of the story



3 Responses to “The Beginning of the Story (Part One)”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    This is amazing, like all the others.

    I like this idea a ton.
    First I like the story-ness of it, and I like that you made it into two parts. You should have posted them a bit more far apart, leave people in suspense ;]

  2. thejambi Says:

    Thanks, Raquel :)

    Good idea with the suspense thing.. I’ll try and remember that.

  3. Alymc Says:

    Ya, Zack.
    What were you thinking?

    Other than what Raq said .. it was good. :)

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