Honestly, I Plead

I’ve sat in the cold
Just whispering your name
But it was someone else
Who came to me

I’ve laid in the dark
To stare at the ceiling
But all I could do
Is whisper that name

Sometimes I feel like I’m just
Lost in the street
And my back is turned
To the way I’m told to walk
And I feel like my eyes are closed
To everything I need to watch

So as I plead for tears to roll down my cheek
I plead for their reasons to be turned into joy
Honestly, I plead my life into the hands
Of the one who came to bring me back to him
Honestly, I plead that I will never fall again

There are times that I’ve felt
Lost in the street
But I’ll turn my back
To all the filthy things my hands have seen
I plead that I can just open up my eyes
To the narrow road in front of me


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