Listen to The Really Good Bad Guy

I’ve recorded a rough version of it. Go to to listen to The Really Good Bad Guy.


9 Responses to “Listen to The Really Good Bad Guy”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    YEAH people should definitely listen to it.
    ‘Tis really great.

  2. Triscuit Says:

    Ok call me dumb, but I couldn’t get that one to play…the other three were fine though..?

  3. thejambi Says:

    I think I know what you’re talking about. Something like that’s happened to me before. Maybe try refreshing the page a few times.. or just trying again in a while. It works for me, so refreshing should work.

  4. alymc Says:

    I did like this Zach.
    Like I said … guitar was pretty sweet in there.
    I like this as a song … i do.

  5. thejambi Says:

    Thanks, Aly :) that means a lot to me.

  6. Raquel TWG Says:

    Yeah Aly is correct.
    The guitar was phenomenal in that song.

  7. thejambi Says:

    Phenomenal? Thank you again, Raquel.

  8. alymc Says:

    Ok…so.. I just got off the phone not long ago .. and finally got to listen to that song. Wow … I love it. iTunes .. I come to buy that song sometime tomorrow. Lol. Wow. wow wow wow.
    LOVED it. Ok, that’s all. :)

  9. thejambi Says:

    lol. You’re talking about that Tree63 song, right? Now we know why I like them so much.

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