I Am Your Sadness

I am your sadness
When you were my joy
I’m drawing a blank
And erasing our past
Because time won’t continue
But still, tomorrow seems to come faster
With the intake of every breath
While our tears will all stand still

Will I still be your sadness
When the sky starts to fall
And I’m not there at all
Will my heart still know your name
When your face from memory will not fade
Will we take all the time we shared
And throw it into the sea
And will my heart ever long to be away from you

Will you always say that I am your sadness
Or can I for one moment be
A thought that makes you happy
And not just a tear on your cheek

Aly and Zach


3 Responses to “I Am Your Sadness”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    Here’s your comment, Aly!
    You did a great job.

    Oh and I guess you did, too, Zach.

  2. Alymc Says:

    Aww … no one likes our poem. Don’t blame ’em. You should definitely not write with me on your team ever again.

  3. thejambi Says:

    No way. They’re just speechless or something.

    Raquel liked it :)

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