Cold (Against the Brick Wall)

Can you just tell me what it will take
To get this off my back
And yes, I know you know me better
Than I thought you did
But that’s alright
It’s alright with me
That you can feel the things I feel
With just a look into each other’s eyes
And it’s alright
It’s just alright with me, alright

And you alone, out of all these faces
Still can see the pain inside of me
And it’s alright with me, alright
Well, what is wrong with me
May not be for anyone of us to see
But between the two of us
I’d say that you’re the one to name
The fear that lives behind these eyes
And it’s alright
It’s just alright with me, alright

We’re all alone, so cold
Inside our dark basement rooms
And sometimes I’m not alright with that
Tonight I’m cold and you
Are on the other side of this brick wall
It’s in the way, and tears cannot decay
So within these walls I’ll stay
And it’s not alright, I’m not alright
With this tonight
I have to say, I’d like the clock
To just sit still for one more night
And if it’d never start again
I’d be alright



6 Responses to “Cold (Against the Brick Wall)”

  1. meghan Says:

    This is very beautiful, well done my friend well done :)

  2. thejambi Says:

    Thanks, Meghan. It’s a pretty tough one. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Alymc Says:

    Yep. Its good. Of course. Congrats.

  4. thejambi Says:

    Thank you, Aly. You are proving yourself to be quite the inspiration lately :)

  5. Alymc Says:

    Interesting inspiration. Thats for sure. I’ve got one coming for you .. almost done.

  6. thejambi Says:

    :) You know I can’t wait.

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