Where are you
And when did you say you would be here
But it’s quite alright
I will stand here while the snow grows higher than my feet
Because you are worth every little flake
And just as special as them all
Yes you are, to me

I’ll think of you
There’s a line in every song that brings you to mind
But it’s not hard
Seeing as how I’m seeing you every time I close my eyes
And if it takes you long enough for the snow to come to my knees
I’ll stay standing here
Right where you said we would meet

The snow is falling beneath my feet
And with every flake that falls
My heart beats faster for you

And I will stand here
Until I am a snowman
Just waiting for you



10 Responses to “Snowman”

  1. alymc Says:

    Maybe mushy like snow slush …
    but I like this quite a lot.
    Nice work. ;)

  2. thejambi Says:

    I like it, too. It worked out well. Thanks for asking me to write something :)

  3. Raquel TWG Says:

    This makes me sad, seeing as it is 85 degrees here.
    It’s very good, but depressing to me. Haha.

  4. brittneyfoster Says:

    love love love it!!!
    it needs music and i’d sing it everywhere i’d go!!!

  5. thejambi Says:

    Wow, thanks :)
    And I’m sad to say that I don’t think I’ll be able to turn it into a song.. If you can read a melody into this, let me know.

  6. hannahclark Says:

    Ohhhhh I love this, especially since it just snowed.


  7. brittneyfoster Says:

    i’m sure i can haha. i turn a lot of things into music. it’s my thing. haha.

  8. thejambi Says:

    I wish I could.. I’d love to start turning these into songs.. but I’m content without that for now.

  9. brittneyfoster Says:

    If I turn it into a song… I’ll send you the chords

  10. thejambi Says:

    That would be sweet.

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