A Nod of the Head

Oh, the things we’ve been through
Enough to look back on while a tear fills my eye
Oh, how this song reminds me of you
So beautiful and smooth, so calming and warm

You are watching from a distance
And walking away, it just gets harder
My heart flutters, I’m getting dizzy
It’s hard to swallow, and I’m growing cold

It’s like I was made to never forget you
From swingsets to classrooms
And sunny days to cold nights
A slow exhale and a nod of the head
And with this, we bid farewell

I couldn’t expect you to turn around
For there are much bigger and better things
Hopefully right around the corner for us both

But maybe those better things stand right where we left
And maybe your heart is worth dropping my bags
And running home



2 Responses to “A Nod of the Head”

  1. brittneyfoster Says:

    thank you for writing this
    you have no idea

  2. thejambi Says:

    You’re welcome.. I’m glad you got something out of it.

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