I did NOT write this. But it’s good to think about.

I was very damaged
I was angry, I was hurt
I had given up on myself

If you do not forgive them
It doesn’t cost them anything
But it costs you everything
It’s like letting them live in your heart
Without paying rent
They don’t care
But it tears you apart

What do you do when the people who hurt you aren’t sorry
And will never apologize?

“Do what I did
Forgive them anyway”

I choose to forgive you
I want you out of my life
What you did to me
I do not want it to define me
I choose to forgive you
Because I don’t want to give you the rest of my life

That was the best I could do when I was angry and hurt

These words are taken from Dr. Wess Stafford, the president of Compassion International. Read Shaun Groves’ post here. How could I ever go through what Dr. Stafford has if I have trouble dealing with things so minuscule in comparison?


6 Responses to “I did NOT write this. But it’s good to think about.”

  1. jeques Says:

    It is our hearts that we free from the burden when we forgive. We can not allow ourselves to pay it twice by keeping th grudge.

    It is lighter to go on with life free of anger, free of burdens.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. thejambi Says:

    Thank you very much for commenting. It’s encouraging.

  3. alymc Says:

    I’ve been through some rough stuff … not quite like him, but pretty rough.
    For years I held onto it. For years bitterness grew up.
    I finally couldn’t take it anymore. Jesus was the only help in letting things go, because I needed a lot of healing.
    It isn’t easy to deal with those things … in fact, it’s really hard. For me it was incredibly painful .. but the healing has begun, and so has letting go of that anger. Very freeing indeed.

    Let me know if/how I can pray for ya, Zach.

  4. thejambi Says:

    Thanks, Aly. You know that I appreciate it :)

    And I’ll let you know, thanks again.

  5. Raquel TWG Says:

    Wow after reading about people like Wess it makes all my ‘bad times’ seem so trivial in comparison. But nevertheless I deal with problems as if they’re the end of the world, sometimes. I also have a hard time forgiving, and especially forgetting, even when it’s no one’s fault. This just reminds me to stop complaining and holding grudges. Thanks for posting this.

  6. thejambi Says:

    Definitely the same here, Raquel. Posting this helped me out, too.

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