Thankful For

What I’m thankful for deserves more than a list
Lord, I know I don’t always live like I should, with You at the top
But help me be honest when I say that I want to
And from the bottom of my heart, this is all thanks to You

Though I may not always say or show in other ways
A big hand is in order for those who’ve made me who I am today
First and foremost, my parents and my family
Lord, let us know You more

Sometimes I feel a little thankful that I can’t recall all the past
Because I’m not a huge fan of who I used to be
So thank You for this change in me

For that is the beginning of the rest of my life
Thank You for making me to be moved by beautiful noise
And giving me a passion that can turn my head to You

I believe the man was wise who questioned how we would know
Just how much it means to have a friend if we never knew an enemy
Lord, I would thank You for my friends one by one
But I just don’t think I can when confined to a page
So thank You again for all of my friends, oh, Lord
And let this last line be a reminder to live a life showing love to them


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