Ghost Town

Lights on at night, it’s like a ghost town
The footsteps I hear are only my own
The raindrops kick the footprints and I kick the habit
And the eyes looking back at me might not be yours alone

Falling mist under the streetlights out the window
It looks like it’d be quite a long fall for me, too
This silence is unheard and unheard of
I feel like I’m speaking, but no words seem to flow

Maybe we’re all speechless today
There’s just something in the air besides this
Rain that’s falling down on us
Because you’re here, and I’m thinking
That my mind’s not in the right

Jesus, I think that you’re the ghost in this town
Because they might not see you in me
And I’m not about to blame them
But you are the one I want to be seen

Make me the ghost in this town
So that not me, but you would be seen
Everything we could ever need
Through me, may you be shown

But I swear it, I feel like I’m in a ghost town
Maybe I’m the one who’s a ghost
And maybe these eyes aren’t looking at me after all



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