Share the Moon

Well, it looks like my busy schedule will overflow into tomorrow
Because tonight I’d like to lay outside and watch the stars
This roof can be so comfortable, when thoughts of you are in my head
And we can share the moon tonight

Some people might think that it’s not such a great idea
They’ll say we should work to make a living
But tonight, I’m thinking I’d much rather just live to love our lives

And you can see it with me, the moon in the sky
Though there may be a thousand miles between us
We can smile at the same thing
And it makes the world seem like such a smaller place

If three is a crowd, then maybe four is a party
But just how many people are with us watching the moon
Though we can’t talk, I know I’m spending time with you

I’m hoping that you’re thinking of me, in your time with the moon tonight
Hopefully if we work together, our efforts to hold back the sun will succeed
But I know it will be my faith that fails us; it sure won’t be yours
Because you always believed that in heart, we’re side by side



2 Responses to “Share the Moon”

  1. hannahclark Says:

    Ahhhhh it has been forever since I have commented. :/ I listened to Spill, I really liked it, it was nice hearing the voice behind the words. ;p You do have a nice voice.

    Once again all I can say about “Share the Moon” is that I really liked it. It’s imposible for me to put into words (as always) about what exactly I like that. I have a hard time finding the right words to say. But yes I loved it.


  2. thejambi Says:

    Thanks. I really like this one as well.

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