The Politician

What you don’t know is that you’re not alone
I gotta admit we’re all in on this one
We’re faking our way right through the door
But I don’t know what we let you lead us for

It’s like you’re the politician
Saying what you do just to keep you safe
You’re the politician
You only want things to go your way

You and I both know that a revolt is coming
It won’t back down unless you stop this shoving
Because we’re getting tired of being pushed around
We’re gonna get you when you’re sleeping safe and sound

It’s like you’re the politician
Saying what you do just to keep you safe
You’re the politician
You only want things to go your way

No matter what you do, we’ll never back down again
Just one time is all it takes to get you out of here for good
No matter what you say, we’re still gonna take you away
Because I already said we’re getting tired of being pushed around


Read behind the words


6 Responses to “The Politician”

  1. anon4him Says:

    Want to write a behind the words on this one? Pretty please with a hot pocket on top?

  2. thejambi Says:

    Oh boy. I’ll be honest right here, but if I write up an explanation, it will probably be pretty vague (talk about an oxymoron). But I’ll try when I get the chance (hopefully soon).

    I’ll also write up something to explain why I started signing some of my writings Zach and some jambi. That’ll help.

  3. Alymc Says:

    Yes .. I’m with Anon4him on this one ..please do.

    If it’s about what I think, I really like it. Actually, I really like it either way.

  4. thejambi Says:

    Alright. I think I’ll put off schoolwork to do this. While I’m at it, could you actually elaborate on what it’s about for you/what you think it’s about? I’m just interested, because certainly what it’s been written about doesn’t have to be what it can apply to. I’d love to hear it.

  5. Alymc Says:

    Absolutely ..(I hope this will make sense) …
    When I read it I thought directly to the enemy(Which could of course be our own self or pride). I’ve had a really hard time lately dealing with “attacks” from him, and I’ve felt that he wants his way so badly that he’s using the ones closest to me to plant things in my head to try to sway me from what God is guiding me to do… because I could choose to serve God in another way, and that would be “safe” for him (and for me). Now as I re-read over it, there are parts where my idea wouldn’t necessarily make sense …
    But, I just have to let you know .. that this was amazing timing for this. It kind of helped to give me a bit of strength and passion to say “I’m not going to go for this”. I would say “what a coincidence”, but I don’t really believe in such a thing. Just know that it really helped me tonight.
    So,Thank you!!

  6. thejambi Says:

    You’re welcome, but you don’t need to thank me. Because, even as I read your comment, I am thanking God that He has communicated something to you through me. I am truly blessed. I hope that this burden you’re dealing with will lighten up soon.

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