Feeling Wrong

I don’t want to fall asleep tonight
But I sure don’t want to stay awake
Either way, I’m wrong inside
And I’m looking for something
That I’ve never seen before

The only logical explanation
Is that this just isn’t logical
To feel so wrong inside
I’m looking for something
That I’ve never seen before

I can feel myself crying
But my eyes are dry
Because I’m feeling so wrong inside
I’m looking for something
That I’ve never seen before



4 Responses to “Feeling Wrong”

  1. Anon Says:

    I’m looking for something that I’ve never seen before – such can be difficult searching. When you are looking for something you’ve never seen before, it may be hard to recognize it when you’ve found it. However, maybe it’s like when you see Christ for the first time… when you first learn of Him. You weren’t seeking for Him, but there He is shining in all his glory, a knight in shining armor as it were. I suppose though, as it is Christ, he himself would be shining and his clothing would be more cloth-like than armor. I need to stop ranting. lol. So, the first couple lines remind me of a song called Come Back Home, it goes “I can’t stay awake, ’cause you know I’m thinking, always thinking of you. I can’t fall asleep, ’cause you know I’m dreaming, always dreaming of you.” I know it’s not the same thing, or even close, but your words made me think of that song. Usually, when I have trouble sleeping it’s not because I feel wrong or anything like that, it just happens. Eventually my brain will come up with a task for me and unless I do it, I won’t be able to sleep. Consequently, I bend to the will of my brain in order that my brain may function… figure that one out!


  2. Anon Says:

    whoa… I think my comment had more words than your post. lol

  3. thejambi Says:

    Ah, Stellar Kart? Not my style.. and I haven’t listened too closely to much of their lyrics..

    I had trouble sleeping last night. And yeah, like you said, it just happened.

  4. little seeker Says:

    i grew up feeling wrong all the time, and can still feel the habitual pull of my mind that way. what i know now is to ask myself if what i am experiencing is true, and can i know this for certain. so much of what i think isn’t true for sure, so i let it go, and feel humbled, and uncertain, but free from storytelling about my experiences. i am free to feel (am pretty watery by nature), but without making anything up about it. it is a small thing, done over and over, that has helped.
    there is a book out detailing this inquiry process. it is called “Loving What Is”, by Byron Katie. for what it is worth, ~c

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