Have You Seen My Heart?

Have you seen my heart
Because I think it was looking for you
Even when so recently
It might not have known your name

Have you seen my heart
Because I’m not so sure that I have
And now after all this time
It beat so hard it broke my chest

Have you seen my heart
Because I’ve been passing it around
Even when I thought
I’d locked it up and ate the key

Have you seen my heart
Because I’m sure I’d let you take it
If you’d share some of yours with me



7 Responses to “Have You Seen My Heart?”

  1. Raquel :D Says:

    Will you EVEr run out of ideas?
    Ha another great one.

  2. Raquel :D Says:

    Well you need to do that thing where you go on a walk or something then inspiration hits you. Not literally, though.


  3. Raquel :D Says:

    Of course.
    I normally write things about my personal problems, beliefs, etc.
    I’m really bad at writing lyrics, otherwise.

    That’s why I only crank some out when I have to vent. Ha.

  4. Raquel :D Says:

    Yeah because you don’t have to think so hard. That makes everything so much easier [:

  5. Raquel :D Says:

    And I just read “Joy” and that one’s my new favorite [:

  6. Raquel :D Says:

    My old favorite was “Closets”.
    I love that one.

  7. Raquel :D Says:

    Haha second favorite.
    That sounds funny.
    I, though, tend to have many “second favorites”. Or even third and fourth favorites.

    It’s because I’m incredibly indecisive [:

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