Do I Want You

For how many nights will I hesitate
To fall asleep just thinking of you
From how many dreams have I come awake
Knowing how much of you I don’t deserve

Do I want you..
Do I want you..

How many webs will I weave
Through tangled tears and watered eyes
The cryptic words speak loud and clear
But what I can’t get out is what I feel for you

Do I want you..
Do I want you..



5 Responses to “Do I Want You”

  1. raqueltheweathergirl Says:

    Ack another winner!
    Hey I actually put one of my amateur songs [lyrics, actually] up on my blog. Tell how I did >.<

    It’s pretty simple, it’s NOTHING close to your stuff!

  2. raqueltheweathergirl Says:

    Thanks Zach!
    I really appreciate the comment since you know a lot about writing stuff.
    And I have to admit it’s sooooo much easier to write lyrics without writing the music to go along with it at the same time.

  3. raqueltheweathergirl Says:

    Yeah but you know way more than I do!
    So for me you know a lot :)

  4. raqueltheweathergirl Says:

    Well I understand what you’re saying and all but when I say “know” I’m saying you have to know how to write in a way that gets people’s attention, how to use words correctly, how to write emotions down, you know deep stuff like that.

    If not you just end up writing something that sounds like Hannah Montana should be singing it, if you know what I mean.

    But I’ll correct myself and say that you have way more experience than I do. I mean I’ve probably been writing stuff since I was like 8 but it’s just now that I’m finally starting to write things with a bit more substance and you have that down to a tee. Ha I’ll stop rambling now.

  5. Cierra Says:

    I can relate to this one. Very real. Very true.

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